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old st mellons notice boards

The Community Council has four notice boards in the village which they update with details of their forthcoming Community Council meetings, forthcoming events and other community information.

Three of the notice boards were kindly funded and donated by the Old St. Mellons Village Association and are situated:

  • Outside the Old St. Mellons Village Hall, bottom of St. Mellons Hill
  • Beechtree Park, in the grounds of St. Johns College
  • At the entrance to the Community Council Playing Field, Tyr Winch Rd.
  • At Arcon House, Blackbirds Way, Old St Mellons



OSMCC has two vacancies for a Community Councillor, if you are interested in this role, please either telephone or email the Clerk


Our next meeting will be held virtually on Thursday 11th February 2021 at 6pm

This meeting will be held virtually following the guidelines of The Local Authorities (Coronavirus) (Meetings) (Wales) Regulations 2020.

If you wish to join this meeting remotely, please contact the clerk - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by email or telephone 07543 791759 and the link will be emailed in return.


Agenda for virtually held meeting at 6pm on Thursday 11th February 2021
1. Apologies for absence & Acceptance (1 min)
2. Declaration of interests (1 min)
3. Minutes – to approve as a correct record of the minutes of the virtual meeting held on 14th January 2021 (5 min)
4. Matters arising from the minutes of 14th January 2021 (20 min)
4.1 Review Village Hall opening
4.2 Co-Option update
4.3 Noticeboard for Village Hall – update
4.4 Waste bins – nr the fields walk off Bridge Rd
5. Local Residents (15 min) – via web link available on request
Under Standing Order 84 the meeting may be adjourned for up to fifteen minutes for a public session.
Each member of the public may speak only once and may express observations only.
Members of the Council should not enter into any discussion.
The Chair may limit an individual’s speech to provide equal opportunity to all members of the public.
6. Finance (10 min)
(RFO to present financial report)
6.1 To approve the Clerk’s & RFO’s expenses
6.2 Fixed Asset Register to review
6.3 Hall insurance – to be reviewed
6.4 Pest control contract - annual contract price £450.00
6.5 PHS Group - annually in advance for Feb 21 to Feb 22 and amounts to £398.80.
7. Annual Planner (10 min)
7.1 Review the current financial year
7.2 Review Village Hall and Grounds Risk Assessment
8. Policies & Procedures (10 min)
8.1 Review Freedom of Information Act
8.2 Review OSMCC Publication Scheme
8.3 Review Standing Orders
8.4 Review Financial Regulations
8.5 Review Fire Risk Assessment
8.6 Review Health & Safety Policy
8.7 Review Asset Register
9. One Voice Wales
10. Pavilion – Project
11. Police Matters (5 min)
12. Planning (5 min)
13. St. Mellons Primary CiW School (5 min)
14. St. Edeyrn’s Church (5 min)
15. St. Edeyrn’s Village (10 min)
15.1 St. Edeyrn’s Village – Persimmon charges in addition to council tax
16. Correspondence (5 min)
16.1 Charter Meeting
16.2 Arco - purchases
17. Items for next meeting (2 min)
Mrs N Evelyn-Gauci
Clerk to the Old St. Mellons Community Council 

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old st mellons community hall