It has been a while since we have had to send anything out for weather but the long hot summer had to come to an end at some point!!!

A weather warning has been received for heavy rain on Thursday between 04.00 and 22.00 and, although the wind warning was cancelled earlier in the week, it will remain windy over the next few days.

The met office advisor states;

There’s going to be quite brisk winds across Wales through this week but more especially on Wednesday, there’s also some interest in the weather on Thursday with prolonged and heavy rainfall which is likely to give some poor driving conditions on many roads and perhaps some localised flooding where any autumnal debris blocks drainage channels. There’ll also be some impact on rivers although river levels are currently well below normal in many areas.

A link to the heavy rain warning is below;

Link to warning

The worst of the conditions appear to be during rush hour on Thursday morning although it will be wet all day.

Please keep an eye on the met office website and broadcast media for further information.

Natural Resources Wales

Natural Resources Wales is changing the number that people call to report environmental incidents. It is now 03000 65 3000.

Attached are posters listing what we do and don’t deal with, and a website address for more information.

What we do

What we don't

Winter Maintenance 


For more details please go to:

Please also find below a link to the Met Office ‘Get Ready for Winter’ webpages which, as always, has a plethora of information on preparing for winter which I hope you will find useful.


Please see below the link to the Cardiff Council Winter Maintenance internet pages, there you will find information on the gritting routes for both roads and footways and also the locations of salt bins. 


Also, for those of you with a smart phone, can I draw your attention to the British Red Cross Emergency Response App, it can be downloaded from the regular app stores for free on both apple and android platforms. Further information can also be found via the link below.



Further updates can be found on the Met Office website and via broadcast media.

Tuesday 27th February 2018

The Met Office has updated their warnings for Thursday to an Amber Warning because the likelihood of disruptive snow has increased for an area covering Cardiff. Although the attached warning (and below email) is in force from 14.00 we could well experience snow showers which may be heavy at times from 09.00 on Thursday. The risk of snow will remain even after the amber warning expires and further snow showers might materialise through Saturday.

The weather picture is evolving, we will keep you updated if anything worsens.

Council Teams are preparing for any potential snow disruption.


The Met Office have recently issued information on their website aimed at communities, the link below will take you to that information.

It covers all severe weather topics providing links to leaflets and explaining how to get more information on warnings, high tides and pretty much any other topic you care to mention.




Ready for Winter?

Please enter this link in your browser for useful information.




A guide issued by Cardiff Council

Please find attached the Preparing for Emergencies document in English and Welsh.

It is designed as an easy to understand generic guide to households and communities on what to do prior to, during and after an emergency without being incident specific. Input has been received from a multi-agency group including the blue light services, local authority, Natural Resources Wales, voluntary agencies, utility companies and health.

Resource Efficient Wales

Resource Efficient Wales is a single point of contact to help people and organisations to save on energy and water and to reduce and re-use waste

Please click here for more information.

The opening hours for each site are as follows.


British Summer Time

British Winter Time

Lamby Way

7 Days a Week

7.30am – 18.30pm

7 Days a Week

9.30am – 18.00pm

Bessemer Close

7 Days a Week

7.30am – 18.30pm

7 Days a Week

9.30am – 18.00pm

All HWRC’s will remain open for the spring bank holidays.

For more information visit www.cardiff.gov.uk/HWRC

Don’t forget!

From Easter, garden waste collections will be returning to a fortnightly collection, in time for the summer gardening season.

Below is information to assist with understanding the changes and any queries you may have;

Can residents purchase additional green wheeled bins?

If a resident has extra garden waste throughout the winter, they can use it a resource in their own homes through home composting. Compost bins are available to purchase at Lamby for £7, reducing the need for household collections and giving householders the benefit of the compost product. Additional green wheeled bins will not be provided to compensate for the monthly collections. Additional green wheeled bin requests will not be processed during the winter months and will only be subject to an assessment in line with the Additional Bin Requests Policy. Alternatively green waste can be taken to the household waste recycling centres free of charge.

What if a resident has extra garden waste to put out?

Extra garden waste that will not fit in the green wheeled bin should be kept for the next collection, home composted or taken to one of the Household Recycling Centres. Residents with re-useable garden waste sacks can place out up to 5 bags per collection.

Should extra green garden waste be put in the black bin/red striped bags?

No, green garden waste should not be put in the black wheeled bin or in red striped waste bags. Garden waste should be held until the next collection, home composted or taken to the Household Recycling Centres.

If you have any queries regarding these changes, please call C2C on 02920 872087

 Cardiff Council weekly recycling and food waste collection service across the city.

Cardiff Council 'Green Bag' Recycling

What can go in my Green bag

■  Drink cans
■  Aerosols
■  Plastic bottles
■  Yoghurt pots
■  Margarine tubs
■  Plastic punnets or ready meal trays
■  Glass bottles and jars
■  Newspapers      
■  Phone directories
■  Magazines
■  Envelopes (with or without windows)
■  Junk mail or flyers (remove plastic wraps)
■  Office paper
■  Catalogues
■  All card  
Please ensure all food and drink containers are rinsed clean – No food waste!

What can’t go in my Green bag?

■  Plastic bags
■  Shredded paper - use green bin or white bio bag
■  Wallpaper
■  Paint tins
■  Clothes or shoes
■  Broken glass
■  Plastic toys
■  Kitchen foil     
■  'Fake foil' (e.g. crisp packets or cat food pouches)
■  Polystyrene packing or takeaway trays
■  Coat hangers
■  Kitchenware
■  Electrical items
■  Video cassettes
■  CDs or DVDs   

Make sure you place your green bags on the kerbside before 6.00am on the day of collection, but no earlier than 4.30pm the day before.

Cardiff Council Food Waste Collections

Caddy Man
You can recycle most of your food waste using your kitchen caddy provided to you by
Cardiff Council.
Food waste is collected every week by Cardiff Council.
How to use your caddy
■  Line your caddy with the biodegradable liners provided and fill it with food waste.
■  When the bag starts to get full, tie it and put it in your food caddy.
What can go in your caddy?
All raw and cooked food waste can go in your caddy for composting.

■  Fruit and vegetable peelings
■  Egg shells
■  Tea bags, coffee grounds
■  Left over cooked food (e.g. rice and pasta, vegetables)
■  Stale bread
■  Cereals
■  Dairy products
■  Meat, fish and bones
■  Food past its sell by date
Please remove all packaging and wrappings.
Only use the liners provided.
Make sure you place your bins/bags on the kerbside before 6.00am on the day of collection, but no earlier than 4.30pm the day before.
Your waste will be collected on the same day each week by Cardiff Council but times may vary.


Biodiversity poster